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Drupal Mountain Camp

03.01.2017 | von Lukas Fischer

Drupal is a professional tool being used for building world class websites for the large public. Some prominent examples are The White House and The Economist. What makes Drupal special is the open source nature and the massive community working with all over the world.

The Drupal Mountain Camp unites 200-400 people from Switzerland, and the rest of the world, involved with this open source content framework. The 4 day, english language Camp promotes the exchange of ideas, presentation of new applications and even the solving of programming challenges. In addition the camp promotes Drupal as an application for current, new and potential customers which are present in all branches of Swiss commerce from government, media, science/educational, to services, tourism, consulting and finance.


Event Date

16. - 19. February 2017

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Anwendungen / Enterprise Content Management (Document and Content Management)
5 Firmen, 13 Referenzen

Drupal ist das Open-Source Content-Management-System (CMS), das von Millionen von Menschen und Organisationen auf der ganzen Welt verwendet wird. Möglich macht das eine Community von über 1...

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