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The Risk Management Group (RMG)

Domaine d'activité: Banque et assurance

The core element of RMG's service offering is a web portal that clients can use to clarify risk affecting their operations, identify options and envision potential outcomes. Users (typically CFOs and other financial professionals) access the portal to generate a variety of reports that measure risk exposure against different financial scenarios. The portal also provides clients with an entry point to other financial services offered by RMG and its partners.However, the portal was based on a legacy business intelligence application from Business Objects that was expensive to license, difficult to navigate and cumbersome to maintain. Its user interface had limited flexibility and was inadequate for rapidly evolving markets and constantly changing client needs. Clients frequently requested specialized reports to meet their very specific risk situations, requiring custom coding by RMG that prevented users from getting essential information on time.
Optaros replaced RMG's proprietary portal technology with an open source, license-free financial portal that is much easier to use and gives RMG far more flexibility to meet the needs of current and future customers. Optaros assembled the new portal application using Liferay, leading open source portal software that Optaros has implemented for a number of web and intranet projects.
RMG now has a next generation financial portal that allows clients to interact with their financial portfolio in real time to make faster, more effective decisions. "We believe the new portal is more advanced than anything available on the market and allows us to provide a unique set of services to our clients," says Nicolas Foulquier, CIO at RMG.Using the What-If tool, a CFO or other financial professional can define business scenarios and get critical results about their organization's risk exposurein time for a board meeting or fleeting opportunity. Behind the scenes, Liferay management tools allow RMG administrators to quickly create compelling, client-specific pages and reports. The result: more satisfied clients and more business for RMG.Finally, all results were achieved very efficiently - a trademark of Optaros projects. Optaros assembled the new application (including the What-If tool) in less than three months, replacing the obsolete portal application while leaving RMG's reporting system and other technology intact.For more information contact: Kay Flieger (

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