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Atos Origin

Domaine d'activité: Informatik und Telekommunikation, Medienunternehmen

Atos Origin's rigorous project methodology requires robust document control processes to be in place for every project. The Atos Origin "major events" team, based in Beijing, China, were faced with an extremely large and complex project which would span several years. The challenge of running a project with an increasing team size and a growing number of documents was further complicated by poor connectivity to the Atos Origin global wide area network and, in turn, the corporate knowledge management systems. Utilizing shared drives was an unacceptable solution for the team leadership. Shared drives were unable to provide the necessary classification, version control and security for the expanding repository of documents. Management urgently required an alternative solution and KnowledgeTree was identified as the technology of choice.
Atos required a robust, easy to use document management solution with strong collaborative features. The ability to check documents in and out of the repository and thus manage document versioning was a key requirement. Varying document types - plans, contracts, specifications, supplier communication - required a well structured taxonomy design and metadata structure. There was however no time for prolonged repository configuration or user training. Tight project deadlines meant that the team had to become productive immediately. KnowledgeTree's intuitive user interface and simple setup tools and wizards allowed the team to quickly achieve user "buy in" and thus fast track the implementation.
KnowledgeTree's intuitive user interface and simple setup tools and wizards allowed the team to quickly achieve user "buy in" and thus fast track the implementation. Robust security a must Many of the project documents were of a highly confidential nature making robust security a prerequisite. Using KnowledgeTree, the project librarian was easily able to manage access control permission settings and ensure the integrity of the repository. User requests for extended access rights were speedily resolved and the improved information sharing provided a boost for productivity. Multi-language Support KnowledgeTree's support for multiple languages allowed the system to be implemented in both English and Simplified Chinese. At login, users are able to select the desired language from a drop down list, with the default language determined by their browser preference settings. This feature assisted with the rapid uptake of the system by the diverse project team.Growing with KnowledgeTree As the project develops momentum and both the document repository and the team expand over the next few years, KnowledgeTree's open source architecture will ensure that the team's document management infrastructure is futured-proofed. No longer worrying about team infrastructure, Atos Origin can focus on delivering value to their customer.

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